Tips for Building a Solid Small Business Team

A team is as strong as its weakest player, and when it comes to running a small business, this is especially true. Building a solid team to help you achieve your business goals doesn’t stop at hiring qualified employees and delegating tasks; to be successful, team members must thrive at every level. You’ve hired a few reliable prospects - now what?
Lauren Carbaugh
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Set the scene

The first step to building a perfect team is to define the business environment that they’ll be working in. Identify and build a culture that your employees will thrive in, and that will make them excited to come to work every day. Make sure your team knows your business goals, and come up with a timeline that gives them tangible objectives to work towards. Be as thorough as possible in developing your business vision, and understand that your team will help you get there if you all share the same goals.

Maintain well-defined roles

Each employee on your team has a job - and it’s up to you to clearly define what that job will be. You don’t want important tasks to slip through the cracks because a team member thinks they’re not apart of their job description when, in fact, they are; on the other hand, you don’t want one employee to be so overwhelmed with duties that their morale is compromised. Maintaining a workload balance is critical in optimizing efficiency. As your business and team grow, you’ll have to adapt and modify these roles regularly. Each employee should always know what, exactly, their job entails.

Diversify the workplace

Valuing workplace diversity is the key to having a well-rounded team devoted to your small business. Diversity transcends race or gender; it might include a mix of veterans and non-veterans, introverted and extroverted, millennials and baby boomers. Each member of opposing groups has something different but equally valuable to bring to the table. Identify these traits and use them accordingly to reach your small business goals.

Stay involved

As mentioned, it’s important to let your employees in on your vision and goals so they feel as if they’re fulfilling a purpose. Avoid giving them mundane tasks or busy work just to fill time; team members will appreciate feeling challenged. If you don’t have time to personally train new hires, make an effort to connect with them as they’re getting the hang of things. A meaningful interaction, no matter how small it may seem,  goes a long way in making the employee feel as if the work they’re doing is important. Show your face, shake a hand, ask about their day; employees will always appreciate you if you appreciate them.

Maintain employee morale

Of course, your employees should appreciate not only you, but the work they do as well. Building and maintaining morale is a critical part of keeping your team motivated. In addition to being actively involved in the workplace, you should make an effort to implement team-building activities on a regular basis. Treat your employees to a lunch at a restaurant that they all enjoy, or arrange a bowling night at the end of the work week. If you don’t have the budget for that, set aside an hour or two for games in the office.

Your business won’t thrive unless your team does. You can’t hire a few qualified employees and stop there. To succeed, you must maintain a team of diverse members, make an effort to get involved on every level, and create a work culture that encourages productivity and morale. In doing so, you and your team members can work together to achieve your shared goals.

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